How We Started 

Crown Point's CEO Ovidiu Astalus started this shop with just one semi truck from his spare bedroom.  After only a few years he expanded to a full fledged shop for heavy engine repair.  Taking on partners, Ovy was able to expand to a large shop in Des Plaines and added 12 more trucks to his own fleet.  Looking for a better facility, the shop moved to Wheeling.  Ovy soon found that that ovidiu astalusfacility was not a good fit and was thrilled to find our present building at 7860 Lehigh.  It has been a perfect location and a wonderful surrounding community.  There was so much space in the new building that Crown Point was able to expand beyond Semi Trucks-- partnering up with Serge Udin, Ovy was able to see his dream realized of having all types of services with the addition of the auto shop and body shop

Now plans are in motion to expand even farther with more access to the facility, Crown Point has added a dealership and more trucks to an already large fleet.  Now Crown Point has all kinds of vehicles for sale and rent.  Both aspects of the shop are growing separately as the passenger vehicle side is taking off and might even catch up with the time venerable semi truck side of Crown Point.


Ovidiu Astalus, CEO